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The proposed files to establish the Koperasi MBJB aka Cooperative Johor Bahru City Council were opened as early as 1997 when Tuan Haji Asri bin Amat became the administrative director. The establishment committee was established and he himself has held a series of discussions on it. The proposal was continued by tuan Haji Abdul Ghazali bin Karim when he became the Administrative Director in subsequent years and continued by Puan Haniza binti Hasan, former Assistant Director of Administration.

The idea of establishing a Koperasi MBJB Cooperative at Johor Bahru City Council was also circulated at the biennial general meeting of the Johor Bahru City Services Association (PPBJB) on 28 June 2007 through a motion brought by Tuan Haji Mohd Siari bin Juraimi and supported by Tuan Haji Wan Azmi bin Ahmad. The main activities proposed are selling computers, office equipment, household needs, real estate, etc. Through this cooperative, PPBJB members are expected to have the opportunity to purchase quality items at affordable prices.

The motion was debated by members of PPBJB and unanimous meetings mandated the newly appointed PPBJB committee to implement the motion.

Consemently, PPBJB has formed a cooperative committee where all committees of PPNJN become members of this committee. A series of discussions and meetings were held in conjunction with several previous Cooperative establishment committees. This included drafting the Cooperative By-Laws, Creating several appropriate cooperative names, conducting campaigns to gather members to become members and ultimately holding a general meeting on 18 June 2009 at the JOTiC Johor Bahru Auditorium, attended by 94 prospective members. Efforts to register a Co-operative Society were carried out thereaf afterwards.

The Co-operative Societies Commission of Malaysia (SKM) has certified the registration of cooperative members of johor Bahru Berhad City Council and its By-laws approved by the initial general meeting on 18 June 2009, subsequently registered as a basic Co-operative Society with limited liability, under subsection 7(1) of the Cooperative Act 1993 on 29 December 2009. Since then, the Cooperative is administered by 15 cooperative board members.

The establishment of Koperasi MBJB is very significant and certainly a memorable one that will not be forgotten to anyone involved directly or indirectly in producing this Cooperative, which takes approximately 12 years. It fulfilled the original intention of the establishment of the Cooperative in 1997 which was subsequently continued by PPBJB in 2008. Record the appreciation and gratitude to SKM, the administration of MBJB and PPBJB which continue to cooperate and support.

Congratulations and congratulations to all MBJB members / PPBJB members who have jointly uphold the birth of Cooperative Members of Johor Bahru Berhad City Council.

Activities Koperasi MBJB Koperasi Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru


Pursuant to subsection 4(1) of the Act, the aim of the co-operative society is to increase the economic interest of its members in accordance with the principles of co-operative society


The main function of the Cooperative is the User

Koperasi MBJB Activities

  • Sell member’s daily necessities
  • Carry out welfare activities for members, education and business
  • Buy, sell, transfer title, erect, rent, mortgor, lease, pawn and own movable and ived property.
  • Invest excessive money in the permissible item pursuant to section 54 of the Act
  • To subsidiary pursuant to section 19 of the Act with the approval of the Commission
  • Participate in joint ventures and become members of other Co-operatives
  • Conduct other beneficial activities with the approval of general meetings

*source : mbjb.gov.my

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