Loan Tanpa Pengesahan Majikan

Loan Tanpa Pengesahan Majikan

About This Packages

This is our latest personal loans products called Loan Tanpa Pengesahan Majikan. Many civil servants are waiting for a this personal loans packages a long time ago. As a result of the difficulty in obtaining employer confirmation related to personal loans, here we bring good news to all government employees. Long time ago, Koperasi Kowaja was a pioneer for loans without employer confirmation. But this time, in 2021 the wait of almost 12 years has been answered.

  • Is There Still Loan Tanpa Pengesahan Majikan?

    Yes now there are Loan Tanpa Pengesahan Majikan offered to government employees (AG) and police personnel. Please whatsapp your latest salary slip to 019-2983056 and we will inform you of this promptly. Or choose one of 3 personal loans package below and let us know via Whatsapp.

  • What are the options of Loan Tanpa Pengesahan Majikan?

    First of all, all you need to do is to choose 1 from the 3 options below are Coshare KFH 3.88% personal loan, Coshare JCL 6.65% or Coshare JCL 7% and keep in touch with us via Whatsapp. Detailed information can be read below. Click on the financing package for full info.

Option 1 : Personal Loans Coshare KFH 3.88%

This 3.88% Coshare KFH Personal Loan is the latest promotion for 2021 and launched during Movement Control Order – MCO 3.0. This product has just been launched with a very attractive interest of only 3.88%.

For more information about this greatest personal loans promotion and how to apply, please click the link below. You can also find the application form and payment schedule (repayment table). This great and exciting product is a collaboration with Kuwait Finance House (KFH).

Coshare KFH 3.88%

Option 2 : Coshare JCL Personal Loan 6.65%

This 6.65% Coshare JCL Personal Loan Promotion is an option 2 of 3 promotions launched simultaneously with the above package. Of course, many of us have been facing financial problems since the MCO 3.0 Movement Control Order was enhanced. This package is the solution to all your financial crises. Please click here for more information or click the button below

  • What is the best personal loan you can apply for in this Covid-19 pandemic?

    Many were effected by the high financial burden during Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, we are pleased to launch the MCO personal loan promotion – Movement Control Order 3.0 for you. There are 3 financing schemes without employer confirmation (loan tanpa pengesahan majikan) that you can apply for, namely Coshare KFH 3.88%, Coshare JCL 6.65%and Coshare JL 7%. Just Whatsapp our hotline number at 019-2983056 to get more information and clarification on this best financing package ever.

    If you are familiar with Yayasan Ihsan Rakyat YIR, you can also apply here because the interest rate and others are the same.

    Remember ‘Protect Yourself … Protect All’ …

Coshare JCL 6.65%

Option 3 : Coshare JCL Personal Loan 7%

The Personal Loans Coshare JCL 7% is the last financing package launched simultaneously in 2021. Given the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing MCO Movement Control Order in Malaysia, this best financing package is launched without having to get your employer’s approval.

How to apply? For more information, please click here or click the button below to download the loan application form and procedure.

  • Why personal loans Coshare is your best choice?

    Coshare is a trusted brand when it comes to government employees personal loans. Coshare is well-known and existed for the past 11 years or so around 2010 and the collaboration with Kuwait Finance House (KFH) with 100% financing (100% payout) turned out to be most successful personal financing for government staff.

    Do not hesitant when you want to apply for this personal loans because it is based on shariah principles (Syariah Compliant) in collaboration with Kuwait Finance House (KFH).

Coshare JCL 7%

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