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About Us

Personal Loans Koperasi UNIKEB Berhad is offerings Bai Al Inah personal financing, express loan, gold financing, Aidilfitri loans with and without guarantor and other financing. Contact Financing Unit for more info. Starting in 2010, the growth and development of Koperasi UNIKEB Berhad’s business is increasing and it is an era that has made history in its life. Year after year made a proud history. In 2016, Koperasi UNIKEB Berhad was recognized by the Malaysian Cooperative Commission (SKM) as the Best Cooperative in the Selangor Wholesale & Retail Sector.

The latest has been recognized as the 17th Best Cooperative in the list of the 100 Best Malaysian Cooperatives Index 2018.

Based on this position, Koperasi UNIKEB Berhad is the best #1 in Selangor and #1 among Local Public University cooperatives. This is thanks to the efforts and cooperation given by Members, Cooperative Board Members (ALK), Management and employees to continue to develop and support cooperative activities towards greater excellence.

Koperasi UNIKEB Berhad Product And Services

At Koperasi UNIKEB Berhad we provide several services not only for members but also non -members can enjoy our services.

  • Health Shoes and Vehicle Insurance
  • Personal loan with financing up to rm150K special for members only
  • Seminar and training room

We also provide specialized training modules for anyone who is interested. We also have a self -service laundry in Bandar Puteri Bangi and have 1 umart at wisma unikeb, 3 umart at Tuanku Muhriz UKM Chancellor’s Hospital and 1 umart at UKM Kuala Lumpur Campus.

Koperasi Unikeb Berhad Financing Unit

The Koperasi Unikeb Berhad Financing Unit for 2019 continues to be a major contributor to overall profits. The Financing Unit consists of 3 main components namely Money Financing, Goods & Services Financing and Salary Deduction Services.

To meet the needs and requirement of members, the offering of financing products has been diversified. The products available in the Financing Unit are:

  • Bai Al Inah financing is guaranteed
  • Bai Al Inah financing without guarantor
  • Guaranteed Express Financing
  • Express financing without guarantor
  • School Financing
  • Gold Financing
  • Aidilfitri financing
  • Financing of Goods & Services

The Guaranteed Express Financing Product is a product that is in high demand among members. This financing offers a maximum financing of RM 20,000 managed to record a high number.

We are deeply concerned with the needs of our members in dealing with the rising and challenging cost of living. School Funding was first offered in December 2015 specifically to assist members in addressing their children’s schooling needs.

Starting in 2016, we offer Gold Financing for the convenience of members to have gold in the Gold Shop. Throughout 2019, members have used this facility to own gold offered at the Gold Shop at a salary deduction

We also offer special Aidilfitri Financing to help ease the financial burden of members so that they can celebrate Eid more happily with their families. We are planning to diversify our funding facilities to meet the needs of our members.

  • Why is KOPERASI UNIKEB BERHAD the choice?

    1. Has a health shoe sales facility
    2. Have a discount for vehicle insurance The insurance provided is Etiqa, Takaful Malaysia, Takaful Ikhlas
    3. Various types of financing up to RM150K only for Members
    4. Seminar and training room facilities

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