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Pinjaman Peribadi Koperasi Jabatan Penjara Malaysia Berhad KOPEN Personal Loan

About Us

Koperasi Jabatan Penjara Malaysia Berhad or KOPEN is an organization registered under the Malaysian Cooperatives Ordinance No. 33 of 1984. It was established on the 6th. November 1981.

Cooperative Main Activities

Provide saving and financing services to members of the Cooperative.

  • What are the personal loans package offered by Koperasi Jabatan Penjara Malaysia Berhad KOPEN?

    So far, the personal loans product of Koperasi Jabatan Penjara Malaysia Berhad KOPEN offered is a Bai Al-Inah loan with financing up to RM150k and an interest rate of only 5.90%.

Bai Al-Inah Personal Loans

Bai Al-Inah Personal Loans is up to RM150,000.00 according to eligibility (cooperative circular no: 01/2006 salary deduction limit is 60% of total income) with an interest rate of 5.9% per annum.


  • Loan form
  • 1 copy of bank account
  • 2 pieces of identity card (Verified)
  • 2 latest payslips – 1 month (Verified)


  • RM 5000 on 2 KOPEN members
  • 1 piece of current salary slip

Consumer Personal Loans

The Koperasi KOPEN Consumer Personal Loans include electrical goods loans (up to RM20,000.00), jewelery loans (RM20,000.00), mobile phone loans (RM10,000.00) and computer loans of all types and are limited to RM10,000.00.

Meanwhile, for motorcycle loans, the amount of personal loans allowed up to RM20,000.00, furniture loans up to RM20,000.00, education loans (RM10,000.00) and tourism loans are limited to RM20,000.00.

Other consumer personal loans for members of Koperasi Jabatan Penjara Malaysia Berhad are housing loans and also loans to buy a car and the value of this loan is up to RM150,000.

For those who already have a home, applicants can apply for a home improvement loan with a max loan of up to RM150,000.00. For members who have a business can apply for a Business Working Capital Loan up to RM150,000.00.

Other forms of personal loans to members are such as Marriage Loan (up to RM10,000.00), Pedang Istiadat Loan, Car & Motorcycle License Loan (Metro Driving / Surfine and Road Tax Renewal Loan & Vehicle Insurance.

Koperasi Jabatan Penjara Malaysia Berhad also assists in providing Sun Glasses Making Loans (Permata Optical) and Bicycle Purchase Loans.

Pinjaman Peribadi 90% atas yuran

Pinjaman Peribadi 90% atas yuran terkumpul semasa dengan kadar faedah 3% setahun.

Etiqa Takaful Group Insurance/ Death Benefit Scheme

KOPEN provides Etiqa Takaful group insurance facility for members with a minimum deduction of RM 10/month. For the death benefit scheme (skim khairat kematian), Koperasi Jabatan Penjara Malaysia Berhad will deduct a total of RM 100.10/year from the member’s account to entitle the member, spouse and children to receive benefits in the event of death. If you are a member of Koperasi Jabatan Penjara Malaysia Berhad for RM 20,000.00, a couple of RM 3000.00 and a child aged one week to 21 years a maximum of 4 people will get RM 700.

Koperasi Other Activities

The following are the Koperasi other activities as below:-

  • Member money savings
  • Personal financing
  • Consumer financing
  • Etiqa Takaful Agent / Takaful Ikhlas
  • Building / residential rental
  • Vacation in Port Dickson
  • Organizing umrah / holiday activities
  • Pasarmini Kopeniaga
  • Supply of necessities for prisoners
  • Supply of safety equipment
  • Supply of telecommunication equipment
  • Supply of uniforms and accessories
  • Organize motivational and training camps
  • Provide catering services

Koperasi Membership

The membership for 2017 is 8,158 members and the membership fee capital for December 2017 is RM 30,754,440.39. KOPEN’s total assets as of December 2017 were 48,085,410.81

Contact Us


TEL: 03-87415541
FAX: 03-87416641

E-MAIL: admin@kopen.com.my


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