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Personal Loan Koperasi Kolej Universiti Islam Melaka (KUIM) with low interest rate and fast approval. Unsecured personal financing.


To be the best and most prominent cooperative in Malaysia and internationally.

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To be an excellent cooperative based on the aspirations of the university in the effort to disseminate quality products.

About Kolej Universiti Islam Melaka

Kolej Universiti Islam Melaka or better known as KUIM is a university institution owned by the Melaka State Government which was established under the IPTS Act 1996. The State Government’s efforts to drive education excellence in line with Melaka Maju’s 2010 goal have been upgraded to University College on July 1, 2009 by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.

Kuim was formerly known as The Melaka International Islamic Technology College (KTIAM) has made a paradigm shift in introducing a new platform of education, namely the combination of Islamic studies integrated with the field of science and applied with the corresponding psychological disciplines.

As an effort to rebrand, KUIM has placed its niches in psychology where it is the first private Islamic university college in Malaysia to develop studies focusing on psychology at the degree level as an intervention to reduce psychological problems among individuals and communities as well as meet the demands of the workforce in various public and private sectors. In line with this, KUIM continues to take the step of being the “Gateway of Human Psychology Studies” which continues to be based on a clear mission and vision to confront various challenges and changes.

The philosophy of study which combines elements of faith, academic and vocational (worldly and ukhrawi) to produce the pious and progressive and highly aligned with the aspirations and goals of the Melaka State Government that wants the generation to be knowledgeable and capable in various fields of Islamic studies, technology, social sciences and the latest knowledge as well as having the high resilience to overcome the current challenges.

In order to ensure KUIM continues to excel in line with the motto “Core Quality of Success” the programmes offered across various disciplines including Islamic studies, business studies, Islamic banking, sharia law, nursing, biotechnology and information technology are competitive and meet the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) certification. KUIM’s internationalization through academic networks both locally and internationally can be prided when KUIM now has international students from Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Indonesia growing year on year.

Even the delivery of KUIM students who are studying to Egypt, Jordon, Morocco and other countries in the Middle East is very encouraging. With KUIM’s highly commendable performance and achievements, KUIM is determined and continues to be committed to become an international centre of higher learning of Islamic, science and technology standards.

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